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Deep Cleaning London

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Why to hire us?

- 100% Guaranteed Results
- Experienced and proven in the cleaning of homes and offices team
- For the maintenance of your home or office we use German equipment and technology
- We perform professional cleaning only with ecological and biodegradable detergents
- No extra fees and hidden costs

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Deep clean services


1. Vacuum cleaning and removing stains on furniture and soft surfaces.
2. Sweep or vacuum cleaning of hard surfaces.
3. Washing with specialized products and appliances on hard surfaces - by hand or machine depending on the area.
4. Collection and disposal of waste.
5. Wipe the dust on desks, ledges and other furniture / without computers and fax machines /.
6. Periodically clean the lenses and frames of the doors.
7. disinfecting and deodorizing the sanitary - hygienic premises.

B. thorough cleaning include:
1. Machine washing of hard surfaces in the building.
2. polishing of hard flooring / mosaic, marble, linoleum flooring, laminate flooring /.
3. Machine washing of upholstered furniture, soft flooring and upholstered chairs.
4. Washing windows and showcases.
5. Washing and polishing leather doors.
6. Cleaning of paint and wash the tiles and tiles in the bathrooms and disinfection of the same.
The basic cleaning should be performed twice a year, at a time acceptable to you. This suggests that the daily maintenance of the purity will be performed relatively more easily and at a higher level.

C. Additional services include:
The company will carry out cleaning the homes of employees working for you 10% discount from the approved price list. When ordering extra / overtime / performance of the services provided in the section "A" is paid separately according to the attached price list. At the expense of the company, at your request we will perform express cleaning of representative sites in the building in unexpected contamination or for a special occasion - visiting foreign or other guests.
In the practice of the company is: before the conclusion of a contract to perform a test cleaning on separate floors at a time and place convenient for you. Besides all of the above, if necessary and your request, the company can through fine grinding and crystallization to restore the mosaic or marble flooring - gaining nearly its original form.

Employees of the company will fulfill its obligations on schedule determined by you. Procurement of supplies - soap, towels, bags for basket, WC freshener, can be negotiated. The supply of machines, equipment, tools and products, and recruitment of workers and professionals have obligations to our company.

Prices for daily cleaning and are determined after inspection of areas and preliminary conversation between the parties to specify the specific requirements of the customer.

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